The Menu
Truth Coffee was voted 'The World's Best Coffee Shop' by London newspaper 'The Telegraph'
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Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm | Sat & Sun 8am – 4 pm
Cold Pressed Apple Juice
Pure apple juice, cold pressed on the Terra Madre Farm
Power Oats Bowl
Organic rolled oats, quinoa, chia, flax & cinnamon rested in oat milk
Cold Pressed Pear Juice
Pure pear juice, cold pressed on the Terra Madre Farm
OJ Neat
100% Orange Juice
Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm | Sat & Sun 8am – 4 pm
Steampunk Benedict
Pasture reared free range eggs poached just right (*tell us just how you like it!), veiled in a tangy, buttery hollandaise, and topped with the perfect balance of crisped bacon and sweet cherry tomatoes. For an equally satisfying experience, swap the bacon and tomatoes for silky smoked salmon with delicately dressed baby leaf salad. Served on your choice of toast.
Retrofuture Burger: Meaty
Meaty: 200g Usana grass fed beef patty, dripping with emmental, wild rocket, tomato, topped with an Usana pasture reared fried egg, then finished with a bacon and espresso chutney. Served with
Retrofuture Burger: Veggie (V+V)
Two succulent, thyme-roasted brown mushrooms, stuffed with artichoke & sesame pesto, stacked with caramelised onions, wild rocket, blistered tomatoes, and smashed avo. Served on a fresh (vegan) bun with fries on the side
Our South African twist on exotic nostalgia - we poach our free range eggs gently in a chakalaka-inspired tomato sauce, topped with goats cheese and served with a warm chickpea and aubergine salad, and toast of your choice.
Power Oats Bowl (v+v)
Organic rolled oats, quinoa, chia seeds, flax, vanilla and cinnamon, rested in oat milk overnight and topped with coconut yoghurt, toasted coconut flakes, and honey-torched banana.
Smashed Avo on Toast (v+v)
Simple and honest. Crushed avocado stacked on fresh toast (choose sourdough or 70% rye), with our homemade seed pesto, and topped with a sprinkle of toasted sesames and a squeeze of fresh lemon.
Roasted Tomato Soup & Truffled Cheese Toastie (v)
We nearly called this toasted cheese and tomato. But that would be misleading. Yes, this version of the pairing will be a classic one day. For now, you can savour the future. Two types of tomato, roasted with garlic, paprika and herbs, and blended into a smooth, velvety delight. Served with a crunchy, yet gooey, ultra-cheesy, truffled cheese toastie. Yes! It’s definitely meant for dunking!
The 'Choripan' of Truth
So we’ve stolen an Argentinean street food classic, and made it our own - forgive us Evita! Our country style pork sausage is slit down the middle and crisped in a hot pan ‘til it’s sizzling, then stuffed into an impossibly fresh roll, and finished with rocket and a punchy, tangy, herby chimichurri crema that’s guaranteed to drip down your chin.
Truth Toasted Croissants
see below
We lovingly handcraft and bake these bad boys onsite every morning, and we daresay they give the French a good run for their money. We pack them full of incredible ingredients and then toast them to buttery, crunchy perfection. However, if you’d prefer any of these killer combos as a toasted sarmie instead, just say the word - you can choose between sourdough, 70% rye, or brioche:
Bacon & Cheese
Our bespoke free range bacon, married with a creamy, melty emmental.
Bacon & Espresso Chutney with 2 Cheeses
Lathered with our special house chutney, paired with a combo of gooey emmental and fluffy goat’s cheese.
Biltong & Cream Cheese
Carpaccio-style, super-thin sliced biltong, with a ballsy, horseradish cream cheese.
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Local smoked salmon trout, capers, and a zesty, herbed cream cheese.
Smoked Salmon, Goat’s Cheese & Artichoke Pesto
Topped with dressed wild rocket and toasted sesame.
Tomato, Basil & Melty Cheese
Basil pesto, sliced beef tomato, and emmental - a classic combo for good reason! (vv) Vegan? No problem! Swop out the butter croissant for sourdough, and ask for vegan mozzarella instead - add R10
Mushrooms, Aubergine & Zesty Artichoke Pesto (v)
Sauteéd button mushrooms, roasted eggplant, goat’s cheese and our homemade artichoke pesto. (vv) Vegan? No problem! Swop out the butter croissant for sourdough, and ask for vegan mozzarella instead - add R10
Macadamia French Toast
Truth croissant, stuffed with local macadamia nut butter, bathed in egg, gently pan-toasted, topped with caramelised banana and roasted macadamias, drizzled with melted Minimalist Chocolate, and served with whipped dulce de leche (homemade, of course!) on the side.
Breakfast Chocolate Pot (vv)
60% Dark Oat Milk Minimalist Chocolate, blended with dates, whipped coconut cream, and chia seeds, topped with fresh seasonal fruit.
Baked fresh daily at 06h00 am
Pain au Chocolat
Croissants aux Amandes
Chocolate aux Amandes
Custard Danish
Cinnamon Roll
Caramel Cheese Cake
A Sabayon cream cheese with caramel mou(soft chewy caramel)
Carrot Cake
A deliciously moist crumb, the perfect amount of spices, carefully crafted with just the right balance
Chocolate Eclair
Eclair means "flash of lightning" in French - so named because its eaten in a flash
Chocolate Brownie
Reminiscent of the 1896 Chicago classic, a light and moist centre, smothered in ganache to keep it that way.
Lemon Meringue
The Medieval Swiss classic of lemon curd and baked meringue. Divine.
Apple Tarte
Caramelised apple with crispy praline and Sable Breton biscuit, smothered in a caramel glaze.
Choc Chip Cookie